Services We Provide

Choose Your Solution

Your company is unique, and so is ours. Instead of the cookie-cutter service you’ll get from most temporary staffing services, we’ll tailor our service to match your needs.

Temporary Staffing Services

Unplanned absences, demand spikes, tight production deadlines – whenever you need good people fast, our field workers are ready to step up. Metro Staffing Service provides temporary employment services with screened, ready-to-work help just when you need it – for a day, a week or longer.


Hiring the right person is hard. That’s why temporary-to-hire is such a smart approach. Try one of our employees on-site before adding the person to your team. Assess firsthand how well the worker will fit into your organization, learn new tasks and get things done. Our temp-to hire-
staffing agency is here for you.

Permanent/Career Placement

Looking to fill a permanent role? Metro Staffing Service can find the right people, narrowing the field to a select few for you to choose from. Each candidate presented will have passed our rigorous screening process and meet your requirements. You select the one who impresses you the most.

Payroll Services

Let Metro Staffing Service handle payroll administration on your behalf. Just place the individual you have found on our payroll. We handle the day-to-day tasks such as paycheck distribution, tax withholding, workers’ compensation and benefits issues. You’ll be free to focus on other priorities.

On-Site Management

For a large contingent workforce, Metro Staffing Service can provide an on-site coordinator to handle all aspects of managing your field workers including training, managing and monitoring.